Biscayne Professional Associates, Inc.

Expertise Makes All The Difference

We have provided expert witness services in State and Federal courts on computer forensics matters. Our particular expertise encompasses the complex area of "metadata," among other things. The study of a file's structure and the data maintained within the system and the file itself is paramount to understanding and being able to explain a computer's usage.

Our expertise covers not only the Windows operating system and its many variations. We have been trained in alternative but popular systems such as Linux and all of the many "flavors." The majority of the world's internet servers run one variation of Linux or another and it is not the official operating system of many European contries.

Mac computers in all of their glory are also within our resume of skills. From the smallest iPhone to the biggest Mac Pro, we are able to help.

We maintain several certifications within the field of computer forensics and are active in the community. We have leveraged our expertise to create and market several commercial foresnic solutions that are currently used by both civil and law enforcement professionals. We are quite capable of writing a unique solution to new and complex problems.

What can BPA do for you?

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