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Computer Forensics is our forte. BPA uses the latest, state-of-the-art technology to create archival copies of your digital media from which we are able to identify, locate, and analyze all of the accessible data. BPA does not use a canned, one-size-fits-all approach to forensics. Each matter is treated as a unique entity and analysis is designed by BPA to statisfy your needs. We don't apply one forensic platform to your problem and declare success, we use every piece of software in the arsenal; EnCase, Forensic Toolkit, BlackLight, Lantern, WinHex, Paraben's P2Commander, to name a few of our tools.


Cell Phone Forensics is a mainstay of BPA's lab work. We provide a flat rate service for extracting data from over 6,000 types of cell phones and tablets, including smart phones. If a physical image can be obtained from your phone, we can recover deleted material including messages and pictures. Please note that physical imaging cannot always be accomplished due to limitations of certain phone types but we will obtain all of the material possible, in all cases.

GPS Data Recovery is now available from BPA! If your case or inquiry has a GPS nexus, BPA is the place to go for answers. We will extract data from your mobile GPS unit and plot it for you on the map. Prove that your GPS unit was at a particular location at a certain time - or prove that it was across town at that critical moment!

Start-to-Finish BPA provides you with complete forensic and data recovery services. On site or in the lab, we begin by acquiring a sound bit-stream duplicate of every byte of data on the computer. This allows us to recover erased, deleted and orphaned material, including fragments and transient items from the storage media.

Chain of Custody
Secure Storage of Original Media
Searching by key word, phrase or concept
Recovery of deleted or fragmentary files -even from reformated hard drives!
Email and Web analysis
Custom analysis
Expert Witness services





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